Cornish Traditional Music, Dance and Associated Customs

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Papers, Publications and Talks

Scoots and Troyls:The Cornish Dance Tradition: Sidmouth Folk Festival Workshop 2nd Aug 2014 (Click for pdf file)

Gwerinva Kernow: The case for a digital Cornish Folklife Archive, paper prented at Institute of Cornish Studies Conference, tremough, 14th October 2012 (Click for lnk to PDF file)

"As is the manner and the custom" folk tradition ad identity in Cornwall: PhD submitted September 2011 available as a PDF file on Exeter University web site (Click for link to PDF file) - (Click for link to web page)

Folk tradition, families, and cross generational perspectives: CAVA conference - Narratives of the family Aug 2008 (pdf file)

It Just Belongs to be: Rosyer Lecture, London Cornish, July 2008 (pdf file)

Post Modern Bagpipes: Cornish Music Symposium, Tremough Campus Exeter University Feb 2008 (pdf File)

Cross Border Raids: Conflicting interpretations of folk music collected in the borderlands of the Tamar Valley and Dartmoor. - Paper presented at CAVA Conference 22nd March 2007 ( pdf file)

Guizing: Ancient Traditions and Modern Sensitivities:  Cornish Studies, Ed P Payton, Exeter University Press, 2006 (pdf file)

Snail Creeps and Tea Treats, Clay Country Customs.(With Alison Davey), published by An Daras in partnership with the Rescorla Project 2008 (See An Daras Sales)

Pibrek: Cornish Tunes for Cornish Pipers , Album of Cornish music on bagpipes / interactive Cdrom, An Daras Folk Arts Project, Bodmin 2004  (See An Daras Sales)

Ertach: Cornish Music Catalogue , Book, webcast and interactive CD, Kesson, Bodmin 1999, (Updated as part of the An Daras Folk Arts Project. Bodmin 2003)

Shallal: Early Years Cornish Dance With Alison Davey, Dance Teaching Pack , An Daras Folk Arts Project, Bodmin 2003 (See An Daras Sales)

Nadelik: Cornish Christmas, Traditional Cornish Carols and Christmas music, With Kescanna, Pyba, Bodmin 2001 (See Kesson online CD and MP3 sales)

Ilow Koth: Ancient music of Cornwall, Album of early and traditional music, Pyba, Bodmin 1999 (See Kesson online CD and MP3 Sales)

Forth an Sans: Music from an Ancient Trackway Album of traditional Cornish music, Pyba, Bodmin 1995

Corollyn: The Cornish Dances, (with Alison Davey) Cam Kernewek, Perranporth 1992

Hengan: Traditional Songs Dances and Broadside Ballads from Cornwall, Dyllansow Truran, Redruth 1983 (See An Daras Sales)


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