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Plethen Newlyn / Newlyn Fishermans Reel, Newlyn Reel

Plethen Newlyn / Newlyn Fishermans Reel, Newlyn Reel 


Hengan, Dyllansow Truran, Redruth, 1983, (see bibliography). (Merv Davey) p 51

Corollyn, Cam Kernewek, Perranporth, 1993 (see bibliography).


from Corollyn,

" Part `A` of the tune is played fairly crisp and staccato , part `B` more flowing.

FORMATION: Circular dance for as many as will.

HOLD: Part A Arms outstretched to rest on shoulders of person on either side.

Part B Arms simply folded on chest.

STEP: ` Right foot to right, close left` three times, then right foot to right and kick left foot to right Repeat to left reversing rights and lefts.


A 1 - 16 All step to right and left twice

7 - 24 Ladies advance, clap and retire

25 - 32 Gentlemen advance, clap (or shout `HOY`) and retire all turn to face partners

B 33 - 40 All step right and left, turn to face other partner

41 - 48 All step right and left, turn to face original partner.

49 - 56 All step right and left, turn to face new partner

57 - 64 All step right and left, as the ladies move left they move on slightly forward to pass new partner so that they will be on their right side when circle reforms.

The circle is reformed, the ladies having moved on one place .The dance is repeated as often as desired with the music gradually becoming faster. Mrs Francis (Harpist for the Cornish Gorsedh) moted this dance from an old boy called John Williams of Boscreggan in the mid-seventies. He recalled travelling to Newlyn on a horse and cart and seeing fishermen there do this dance. He described it as a dance for men but it works well with couples and it is also easier to describe using the convention `ladies on the gentleman`s right` ".

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