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Tom Bawcock’s Eve

Tune: traditional, Words: R. Morton-Nance c1930
Cornish Dialect and Folk Songs p7

A merry plaas you may believe
woz Mowsel pon Tom Bawcock’s Eve.
To be theer then oo wudn wesh
To sup o sibm soorts o fesh!

Wen morgee brath ad cleard tha path
Comed lances for a fry,
An then us had a bet o scad
an starry gazee py.

Nex cumd fermaads, braa thustee jaads
As maad ar oozles dry,
An ling an haak, enough to maak
a raunen shark to sy!

A aech wed clunk as ealth wer drunk
En bumpers bremmen y,
An wen up caam Tom Bawcock’s naam
We praesed un to tha sky.


Early last century R. Morton Nance heard of the celebration held by Mousehole fishermen on the eve before Christmas eve, and in the 1920’s wrote dialect lyrics to an old Cornish march tune. This song has become a standard amongst Cornish musicians.

The original version in Cornish Dialect and Folk Songs is written in broad Dialect not only in terms of vocabulary but also an admirable attempt is made at representing non-standard English sounds. The long a is written <aa> as it is in the original

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