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Tha Wite Roaz

Hengan p37

I luv tha wite roaz en es splendur.
I luv tha wite roaz en es bloom.
I luv tha wite roaz, so fare as she groaz.
Tes tha roaz thaat remind me a yoo.

Tha fers tyme I met ee me darlen,
Yer faas woz az read az a roaz:
But now yer deer faas av grawn paylur,
Az payl az tha lilee-wite roaz.

An now that yoom lef me fereavur,
frum yer graev wawn sweet flowur grawz,
But I well remember yoo darlen,
When I gaze oan thaat lilee-wite roaz.


Popular for many years, but of unknown origin, and recorded rarely and then only in Standard English, The White Rose is often sung in Dialect which this version encourages. 

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