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Cornish Meeting Dance

For this dance children need to be in pairs with enough space to move freely without interfering with others. The complex progression has been removed but with confidence children will progress to the simpler ‘find another partner’ on the last bar.


1 – 2 (a) Turn partner with right arms linked using a ‘step hop’ (exaggerated skip) step.

3 – 4 (b) Turn partner with left arms linked.

5 (c) Face partner. Clap and touch own left elbow. Clap and touch own right elbow.

6 (d) Clap, and using both hands touch head then shoulders then hips – wiggle hips.

7 – 8 (e) Bow or curtsey, turn around on the spot and begin again.

The music will gradually increase in speed.

Extra Information

The Cornish Meeting Dance was collected in 1951 in Bude and is great fun. In this version children can learn to co-operate with a partner without the need for a more complex understanding of pattern. It is possible for children to provide their own “mouth music” for this dance using the old children’s favourite ‘Cat’s got the measles’.

Music For Heva

Heva now the catch is in,
Let the dancing singing and the Troil begin,
Pilchard, Herring filling up the mauns
Tell the Huers they can put away their horns.

In the sky see the seagulls soar
From the beach hear the breakers roar Clear the streets tonight for everyone
And we’ll make merry till the day is done.

Now's the time to dance away your woes,
So flip off your shoes and ready on your toes,
Mum and dad and gran and uncle Clem,
Come and show the youngsters your as spry as them,

Shout hooray and hooray again,
What’s it matter even if we have some rain,
Girls from Minor, boys from the Whim,
When together don’t mind if they sink or swim.

Fistral Bay, Tolcarne, the Gannel too,
Lusty Glaze and Whipsiderry all for you,
Golden sands and rocks and little pools,
If we’re not content then we’re a bunch of fools.

Active, Hope, and Rose and Unity,
Each name a pride of any company,
Good Intent and Tithy, Fly and Spy,
Pack your seine nets up you know the reason why.