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Fish, Tin and Copper


In March 1998 the Cornish Traditional Dance Competition held a selection for a new dance to celebrate 20 years of Lowender Peran. This was the winning dance. It was choreographed by Jenny White for the Bolingey Troyl Band and Dancers originally as a demonstration dance which they performed at the opening ceremony of Lowender Peran in 1997. They had such fun with it that they then adapted it to this version to share and enjoy at ceilis. The chorus of the song inspired the use of traditional steps and patterns to represent these Cornish industries, including steps from the Newlyn Fisherman's Reel, followed by a chain (swimming fish), then the turning of wheels and cogs of the mines. DANCE NOTATIONS Arrangement

2 Choruses as intro, 7 verses and choruses, finishing with two repeats of the chorus at the end. Formation

4 couples in a circle, lady on the man's right (can also be done with 3 or 5 couples) Steps

Circle - Newlyn Reel Steps

Chain, Men's wheel, ladies star - skip step as for Phoebe or Cock in Britches step for the ambitious. Bars A1 - Bars 1 - 16


All couples in a circle, lady on man's right, all hands on nearest shoulders on either side. Four side steps right, kick across left foot. 2

4 side steps left, drop arms, turn to partner, stamp. 3

Set to right, set to left, give right hand to partner, left hand to next and chain around to original position. A2 - Bars 17 - 32


Repeat 1 - 3 B - Bars 33 - 48


Wheel - men into centre facing anti-clockwise with left hand on left shoulder of man in front, right arm around lady's waist, lady's left arm on man's shoulder, dance around for 8 steps. 6

Star - Man turns lady into centre keeping arm around lady's waist to make ladies right hand star. All star clockwise for 8 and then reform circle. This is the complete dance but to fit the song the following as been added: 7

Repeat 1 - 4 8

Repeat 5 - 6 9

Finish with 1 - 4 TUNE/SONG The suggested tune for this dance is 'Fish, Tin and Copper' as it was the song originally used when choreographing the dance. The words to Fish Tin and Copper are as follows: Old Nick as he is wont to do

Went wandering up and down

To see what mischief he could brew

He made for Lanson town Chorus

For tis fish and tin and copper me boys

And Tre and Pol and Pen

And one and all we may rejoice

For we are Cornish Men Across the Tamar he had come

Tho' you may think it's strange

And, having left his Devon home

Tried Cornwall for a change Chorus Now, when to Lanson he drew near

A skipping oer the sod

He spied a rustic cottage there

With windows all abroad Chorus And in the kitchen might be seen

A dame with knife in hand

Who cut and slashed and chopped, I ween

To make a pasty grand Chorus Good Morning Missus what is that

Of all sorts is a daub

There's beef and mutton, pork and fat

Potatoes leeks and squab Chorus A Cornish Pasty sure says she

And ef tha dissent mind

I soon shall start to cut up thee

And put ee in you'll find Chorus In fear he turned and straight did flee

To cross the Tamar keen

And since that day in Cornwall

He has never more been seen Chorus click here to play the midi file click here for the noteworthy file