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Nowadays, unlike in the 18th and 19th centuries, it is not quite so easy to identify Cornish people by their everyday clothing. However, on certain occasions they are unmistakable! The sections below outline some of the ways in which Cornish people express their identity:

Cornish Tartan

The 'Cornish National Tartan' was designed by Cornish Bard E.E. Morton-Nance in the 1960s The kilt is described as 'black and saffron'. The tartan depicts the Cornish flag of St Piran, as well as the 'red' of the chough's feet (a chough being a  bird which can be found on the Cornish emblem), the 'blue' of the sea and saffron or gold. Since the creation of the Cornish national tartan there have also been others including the Cornish hunting tartan. 

Cornish tartan is worn both casually and on formal occasions the full regalia being very popular for weddings - together with the ubiquitous Cornish Piper!

Click here to see the Cornish Tartan Kilt Gallery

For more information about Cornish tartan or to find out where you can buy Cornish tartan fabric, clothing or gifts try these web sites:

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Original Cornish Tarrtans

Alan Richards

Cornish Rugby

When rugby season kicks off it's hard to miss Cornish supporters, whether at home or away, from their striking black and gold shirts, scarves, hats and flags to the more elaborate face paints!  

Trelawney's Army Web Site


Celebrations and Holidays

You will frequently find people wearing symbols of Cornish identity at holidays and events throughout the year. For example, St Piran's Day is fast becoming a celebration where items such as Cornish tartan or rugby shirts are worn in recognition and pride of the event. Other events such as Padstow's May Day or the Cornish Gorseth see costume unique to a particular area or ceremony. On 1st May each year the people of Padstow dress all in white with either a red or blue token symbolising the 'Oss' which they follow. The Gorseth ceremony requires partaking Bards to wear a blue robe, with various regalia depending on their office.

Cornish Gorseth/Gorseth Kernow Web Site


Below are some examples, roll over the picture for more information: 

St Piran's Day on Perran Sands with Cornish Flag, Cornish Colours and the Cornish Rugby Shirt (right)
Costume worn by Old Oss supporters on May Day wearing all white with red tokens

St Piran's Day Parade in Truro 2004

Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard at the Cornish Gorseth in Falmouth 2000

Cornish Rugby Shirt and Cornish Flag

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