Barn dances ceilidhs and medieval music in Cornwall

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Living History in Cornwall


We will tailor our workshops to meet individual interests. We work in collaboration with An Daras - the Cornish folk arts project who have provided a series of book/CD/DVD packs to go with these workshops.










Some examples of recent projects:













Clay Country Customs: “Snail Creeps and Tea Treats”

Exploring the customs, games, music and dances of the Clay Country, recaptured from the memories of people interviewed as part of the Rescorla Project. + Music CD / information.


Cornish Costume: “Moors, Mines, Scoots and Gooks”.

Traditional workwear of the 19th Century Cornish mining, farming and fishing communities together with associated customs and dances. + CD rom with Costume images


Medieval Minstrels: “Caroles and Farandoles

We use costume and early instruments such as bagpipes Harps and tabors to recreate medieval Cornwall. An ancient duchy with sea routes and pilgrims ways that provided strong cultural links with Brittany and the rest of Europe. + Early music CD “Ilow Kov a Gernow”.


Cornish Step Dances: "Catch up your heels”.

Comprehensive workshop on Cornish scoot / step dances with a detailed history including some archive footage and audio recordings of dancers and musicians.  
+ Book / DVD / CD pack


Cornish Dance Taster: "Tam Kernewek"
Introductory workshop demonstrating the range and variety of Cornish dance. i.e. step dance, troyl dance, furry dance.
+ Music CD / instruction booklet.    
Cornish Dance For Early Years: 

Aimed specifically at 'Early Years' teaching - those children aged between 3 and 7 (Key Stage 1). Workshop provides an ideal introduction to the ideas behind traditional Cornish dance together with simple warm up exercise for both children and teachers to follow
+ "Shallal"   Book / DVD / CD pack


Cornish Dance Study Day :

By the end of the day you will have an understanding of the range and origin of dancing in Cornwall that falls within the broad definition of a “Traditional - historical - social” continuum  

Outline Programme:
Historical Dance: Early Dance, 18th / 19th Centuries
Practical Session
Furrys, Feasts Days and Sunday School Treats
Practical Session
Discussion: “Tradition” and “Folk
Scoot Dances: Origins through to present
Practical Session
Social Dance: Troyls / Ceilidhs / Nos Lowen / Barn Dances
Practical Session
Closing session – further sources