Barn dances ceilidhs and medieval music in Cornwall

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Geeze Dancers

Pyba emerge as the "Penguizers"



Penguiseer 8k
Penguizers 12k

Geys Dance or Geeze Dance is a kind of Carnival or Bal masque at Christmas.  This dance answers to the mummers of Devon and the Morrice dancers of Oxfordshire etc In Celtic Cornish ges means a mockery, a jest” (Jago’s Ancient Language and Dialect of Cornwall 1882)

For the 19th Century folklorists the Guize Dancers continued a thread of tradition that went back to Cornish Mystery Plays and there may be a hint of this in the play of 1611 which carries the instruction: “ Mynstrells Grewgh theny peba, May Hallan warbarthe downssya, Del ew an vaner ha’n geys -  Minstrels pipe for us, That we may together dance, As is the custom and the guise”.

Whatever the origins, guizing is alive and well in Cornwall today with new traditions springing up alongside of the revived and the well established and many towns in Cornwall bring out their guizers throughout the Cornish Calendar of customs. Pyba emerge as the "PENGUIZERS" complete with our own obby oss - Pen Gwyn the horses skull.